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Knitting Greeting Cards

A collection of wonderful Greeting Cards with knitting theme, for you or your knitting enthusiast friend. Each greeting card is individually wrapped. The package also includes a linen envelope. Size: 4.5 × 5 3/4. Cards are priced at $3.50 each, variety set of all 9 different greeting cards is $21.00

Gift Tags. Include these wonderful gift tags with your hand knitted garment. Write in directions on care of your garment, who is the gift for, etc. These gift cards will make your hand knitted garment oh so special. Gift Tags come in one box of 4 cards or 12 cards in 3 boxes. These also make a wonderful gift for your knitting friends.

Gauge Tags. I designed and created a set of gauge cards to attach to your swatches. They will help you to keep track of the yarn, gauge, needle size, date, and any other useful info you want to include. These cards will keep your swatches well organized. Each cards include one of the retro knitting images.